Video Art

Ekaterini Kriezi

I am using mainly digital media, in a form of digital   photography, digital composition and video Art. 

Some of my  Video Art works below 


The Ground -2021

Triple point -2023 - Video Performance

Performance title: Triple point Duration: 2 min and 40 sec Year:2023

Artist : Ekaterini Kriezi

First Festival of video performance art at Sauna Gallery , Helsinki, Finland

About the work: A cheerful game of creating the “triple point” landscape in my shower. The solid paper, the liquid water noticeable with its sound and the blowing air evidentially captured on the movement of paper are the three phases of my imagination which are in a cohesive dialogue. Triple point, where all three phases of a substance, solid liquid and vapor, coexist in thermodynamic equilibrium.


Title: Framed Duration: 3’ 54’’ Year: 2024
Presented at the Kafka Mon Amour Festival, at Sauna Gallery, Finland

About the work:
Emergence from a Kafkaesque universe.
A complex universe, absurd and full of constraints; an ocean where things and actions do not need to be explained. The beings exist and dynamically move inside the frames of an exhausting normality. They cannot escape. Why? What is that structure?
“The whole thing looks functionless, but after its fashion, complete. There is not much to be said about it.” *
* From the “Worries of a Head of Household”, Franz Kafka.