work in progress

The Dress-in progress

The Dress – still in progress. In honor and memory of the victims – women who fell into the hands of gender-based violence. A multi-installation starting out from  a cοrpse outline with chalk on a dress. This dress will be exhibited on its own and it is part of photos, digital compositions and videos. Προς …

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The Dress-take 2

The Dress – take 2 Indicative presentation of the ongoing projects against gender-based violence. (The Dress) The dress is made by Lydia Margaroni, photographic composition by Ekaterini Kriezi. Installation – Video in progress. Ενδεικτική παρουσίαση του εν εξελίξει  κύκλου έργων κατά της έμφυλης βίας. (The Dress) Το φουστάνι, κατασκευή της Λυδίας Μαργαρώνη. Φωτογραφική σύνθεση της …

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The Dress

The Dress – Work in progress Let us wave our dresses, flags of protest, with the abominable imprint of gender-based death sewn on them. Installation – Video in progress by Ekaterini Kriezi – Lydia Margaroni Ας ανεμίσουμε τα φορέματά μας, παντιέρες διαμαρτυρίας, με το αποτρόπαιο αποτύπωμα του έμφυλου θανάτου ραμμένο πάνω τους. Εγκατάσταση – Video …

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