In a Rotten Universe

In a Rotten Universe

The decay of organic matter is a natural process of spoilage, turning food into garbage, useless to humans. A rotten fruit, some rotten bread or a rotten potato, are microsystems with thousands of organisms evolving. Despite being a disgusting view, it could become an artistic object through the lens of a photographer, as they are a unique world by themselves, consisting of many colors and charming textures.

Based on this theme, I made a digital editing game, transforming photos of moldy food into compositions of imaginary, unfamiliar landscapes. Elements of nature, flowers, wood, etc. can appear in these landscapes, as a connection with the real and the familiar, as well as useless toys or plastic garbage, adding a grotesque touch to the composition.

Work in progress…


'A storm in my chocolate mouse'
'The banana landscape'
'Sitting on the dock of an orange'
'The cheesy beauty'
‘The lemon scavenger’

Part of the work was presented in the SUPERMARKET 2022 –  Stockholm  Independent Art Fair