A list of  past performances in open space and land arts

Save coastline (Αιγιαλός) 2014

For Sales?

Is our coast line a public space?

Is our coast line for sale?

Who can decide to change the status of a public space?

Is the sea private?

Performance/activism against the new  law regarding coast lines, took place at the coast line of  south Kreta in 2014. 

A 500 meters fabric strip was stretched along the beach and on a the rocky cliffs, as if they were bleeding. The word FOR SALE, written in various places, appeared like wounds. (*)

* The color is natural without adhesives plastics.

Amphitrite 2016

Activist action as a complaint about the impending privatization of the coastline in Greece.

Fabric strip, 500 meters long, was stretched along a popular beach in Attica.
The artist was wrapped with the ribbon, covering the whole body and she was thrown her self into the sea, giving the impression that  the sea was bleeding.

Timalfi 2017 (Μου φαγες όλα τα δαχτυλίδια)

The Greek word Timafli (Τιμαλφή), means valuables.

The subtitle “Μou ‘fages Ola Ta Dahtilidia”, meaning “You ate (stole) all my rings”, is borrowed form a old pop song (rebetiko)  from the 40s.

The performance explain the etymology of the word “Timalfi” and connect it with the Greek mythology.

On the island of Syros on the ground near the airport, a large female head was designed with stones, white lime and natural color to be visible on the landings and take-offs, which was a copy of an ancient mural with jewelry on the neck and ears. The jewelry was made from edible materials, 70 white boiled eggs like pearls and small red tomatoes.
The guests at the performance heard from the artist the analysis of the word valuables – “Timalfi”, the vanity and the meaning of greed and they  were invited to eat the jewels (eggs and tomatoes) of this ephemeral work.

Land art, organised by “Even Horizon” in Syros island, Greece in 2017